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By Rielly Riggs | Photos by GioVanni

From Neighbours of The Glebe magazine

Isabel Metcalfe is a remarkable individual whose commitment to community engagement and political participation has shaped her life and left a lasting impact on the people around her. Her journey of involvement in the community began early, thanks to the inspiring example set by her parents, who were actively involved in local affairs. Growing up in Almonte in the Ottawa Valley, Isabel witnessed her mother’s success as a municipally elected official and her father’s accomplishments as a business owner on their poultry farm.

In 1973, Isabel moved to the Glebe to pursue her education at Carleton University, and little did she know that this vibrant neighbourhood would become her lifelong home. Her first taste of political engagement came during her freshman year when she worked as a Tour Guide on Parliament Hill. This experience ignited a passion for politics that would shape the course of her life. Isabel went on to work in the House of Commons for three years before spending a decade in the Prime Minister’s Office, where she honed her skills and deepened her commitment to public service.

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