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Family and friends of the late Susan Sherring, a former veteran Ottawa Sun columnist and reporter who died in July at the age of 63, raised $10,580 for The Susan Sherring Fund for Nelson House, the Ottawa shelter for women experiencing domestic violence. Ottawa lobbyist Isabel Metcalfe, who was a friend of Sherring’s, held a reception at her house on Nov. 18 to honour Sherring’s legacy and to officially launch the fund. Metcalfe said the evening was a roaring success.

Susan Sherring died at the age of 63 this past July.

“We had hoped for maybe $5,000, but this is double that,” said Metcalfe in an email to HOH. “I am very grateful for your support. The event turned out so well that Nelson House is going to plan on this being an annual event, ideally each September. We would have a goal of raising $50,000 to open up another new bed.”

Sherring, who graduated from Carleton’s school of journalism in 1982, joined the Ottawa Sun in 1984 and retired in 2016. She ran unsuccessfully for a city council seat in 2014.

“Sue Sherring was a friend of mine. I cannot think of a better legacy,” said Metcalfe.

To learn more about the Susan Sherring Legacy Fund or make a donation, CLICK HERE

Susan Sherring passed away at the age of 63 in July 2022
Nelson House founder member Patricia Pepper and Isabel Metcalfe
Nelson House founder member Patricia Pepper and Isabel Metcalfe