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From Host Brian Crombie:

Last night, Tuesday, May 18th at 7 pm on Sauga 960 AM I Interviewed: ✅ Isabel Metcalfe. You can also access ALL my podcasts and videocasts at: ⭐️ Isabel Metcalfe is a public affairs counsel, award-winning businesswoman and several decades of political activism and involvement. Isabel worked on Parliament Hill in the offices of three Prime Ministers – Pierre Elliott Trudeau, John Turner and Jean Chrétien – she has been a candidate for the House of Commons and the City of Ottawa. She is a current member Advisory Board of the Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy. We chat about her life in politics, what she thought about some of her prior leaders/bosses and where she sees politics today. We also discuss if young people should get involved in politics and if you can actually do any good. Isabel has had a fascinating career, listen to her stories, they are amazing!