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Isabel Metcalfe: Public Affairs Counsel

In Yellowknife, Northwest Territories with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, 2012

Empowering Women, Leading Change


On May 16th, Isabel Metcalfe will speak about empowering women and leading change in the spirit of the Famous 5. The event is organized by […]

Anne McLellan to be Honoured as Nation Builder


Famous 5 will honour the Honourable Anne McLellan as a Nation Builder at en event in Ottawa on May 18. Ms. McLellan served as deputy […]

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Hill Times: Clever, Tenacious and Diplomatic Women


In a recent Hill Times article, Isabel Metcalfe outlined why Senate refrom matters to women. She also sings the praises of five women who each […]

Recent Forum on Senate Reform


Does or can the Senate play a useful role? How can we ensure that it fills gaps in our current system of governance? Can we […]

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Unique Value

Isabel Metcalfe specializes in the not for profit sector and labour movement.

She draws on extensive experience with NGOs and national organizations, delivering for her clients on a broad range of issues through hard work and solid advice.

Isabel is a known advocate, both in business and the community. Over forty years working with government has taught her how to connect with decision makers to inform policy.

Well connected, pragmatic, diligent and thorough, she’s eager to move the dial on issues and will efficiently reach out to others for expertise and assistance.

As a small business woman, Isabel can devote full attention to your organization’s needs and respond quickly as issues develop.

With her help, your organization will be able to demonstrate tangible results to your members.