As "une patate", with Horse Dragon Long-Ma, La Machine, Ottawa, 2017


Isabel Metcalfe Public Affairs Counsel
177 Powell Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 2A2
t: 613 235-0375
c: 613 292-0326

Isabel is always able to arrange for us to meet with the right people at the right time with the right message so that our concerns are heard. Not only that, they are scheduled in a way that really allows me to use my time efficiently.

Arden R. Ryshpan, Executive Director, Canadian Actors' Equity Association

Working for the first Aboriginal broadcaster in the world, Isabel Metcalfe has been diligent in providing us with timely advice and setting up key meetings that ensures we are well positioned in Ottawa. Whether it is seeking business opportunities, keeping us current with the Government, or advocating on issues of interest to Aboriginal producers and the network, she keeps APTN timely, focused and in the mind of key decision makers.

Jean LaRose, Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

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Recognized by Muslim Women

Photo Credit: Tamam Ahmed Jama

The Ottawa Muslim’s Women Organization honoured Isabel Metcalfe at their annual Festival of Friendship Dinner on Sunday April 30, 2018 in Ottawa. Shortly after the […]

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