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Isabel Metcalfe: 	Public Affairs Counsel

Monique Bégin, 4 other women honoured for contributions


The Hon. Monique Bégin, political leader and activitist, was one of five women who receieved the 2015 Governor General’s Person Case Award on April 21, […]

Famous Five Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary of Inspirational Monument


On October 18, 86 years ago the ‘Persons Case’ won Canadian women the right to vote. On the same day 15 years ago, Famous 5 […]

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Hill Times: Clever, Tenacious and Diplomatic Women


In a recent Hill Times article, Isabel Metcalfe outlined why Senate refrom matters to women. She also sings the praises of five women who each […]

Recent Forum on Senate Reform


Does or can the Senate play a useful role? How can we ensure that it fills gaps in our current system of governance? Can we […]

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Isabel Metcalfe is a skilled advocate and business woman, with a distinguished record of community involvement.

Well connected and known, she draws on experience at the national, provincial and municipal levels. Organizations look to her to achieve lasting results—effectively and efficiently.

Your organization can implement a successful government relations strategy built upon her lifetime of public affairs knowledge, extensive community work and energetic hustle.

See the results she’s helped clients achieve.


Unique Value

Agile and Lean: Isabel can quickly respond to both your current needs and unfolding issues, while bringing clients great value for their investment.

Passionate: Isabel’s passion for good public policy and extensive expertise makes her eager to help others get results.

Experienced: From the Prime Minister’s Office to City Hall, Isabel’s experience in Ottawa spans over 40 years. Well connected, she knows where to focus efforts and how to get things done.

Learn more about the value she delivers to clients.

“Polished and professional, Isabel Metcalfe took IATSE to the level we needed to be at, as the largest entertainment industry union in North America. She was effective and efficient in her approach to our issues. Her efforts got important results for IATSE on things that matter to our members and the Canadian economy.”

John Lewis, International Vice President, Department Director, Canadian Affairs, IATSE.

“Isabel is always able to arrange for us to meet with the right people at the right time with the right message so that our concerns are heard.”

Arden R. Ryshpan, Executive Director, Canadian Actors’ Equity Association